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Homeopathy is practiced in California as an alternative healing art under Sections 2053.5-6 of the state Business and Professions code. There is currently no licensing for homeopaths in the state of California.  Nan Wishner is not a licensed physician. Homeopathic consulting is not a substitute for conventional medical care.

About Nan

Nan Wishner, C. Hom., originally became interested in homeopathy in 1990 when a homeopathic remedy brought her elderly, chronically ill cat back to health and kept him vital for several years until he died peacefully. Realizing that the cat could have no way of knowing how he was “supposed” to respond to the remedy, Nan began learning about homeopathy to satisfy her own curiosity about his seemingly miraculous recovery. Eventually, she decided to formally train as a homeopath to work with both people and domestic and farm animals.  She studied at the Pacific Academy of Homeopathy, graduated from the Berkeley Institute of Homeopathy, and brings to her homeopathic practice the accumulated skills of her many careers and interests: the deep listening and passion for people’s varied stories that she developed as a newspaper reporter and writing teacher, the critical thinking and scientific rigor she honed during 40 years as technical writer, the sensitivity she has cultivated in her personal work as a poet, the spiritual understanding of her years of practicing and teaching yoga, and the practicality and knowledge of the natural world she has acquired from her herd of dairy goats.

“Disease is always that something that wants or needs to be seen or heard...Illness is necessary. It is a sacred transformation to integrate the various parts of a person’s experience into his or her life.” - Dr. Edward Christopher Whitmont

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